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The international Sport Science Register is the connection, visibility and international recongition tool, that revolutionizes the world of professional Sports. Reference point for millions of private, professional and institutional users.

Sportscience.com was born with a clear vision: enhancing the sports industry, increasing the level of expertise of operators and making available a channel of direct access to professionals. The function of the Sport Science Register is to provide an authoritative and highly innovative technology platform, within which sports specialists can create their own professional profile, publish and sort content, and participate in the growth of a global community.
As one of the most important industries in the world in economic terms, the sports sector is still particularly underestimated and characterized by a marked fragmentation of activities and a consequent confusion in the national and international working field by operators. Sport Science with ATS Institute, have opened a revolutionary and innovative scenario, determined by chronologically concurrent factors including: era of hyper-digitization, in-depth analysis of the technological sector, conscious use, independent and wise virtual instruments, deep knowledge of the technical-scientific world, strong strategic component.

The Sport Science ecosystem, represents today an extraordinary opportunity for growth for all the professionals in the sector, the highest performance, scientific research, therapy, health and well-being.
Within the International Sport Science Register, every professional can submit his or her registration, entering personal and professional data, publications and collaborations. A powerful tool to define your professional profile and determine a reference point for all potential contacts. After submitting your application, it will be evaluated and approved. Information will be provided for the improvement of the profile presentation. Turn on the power of the Registry, enter your information now and immediately start creating professional connections. The International Sport Science Register project, is developed by SportScience.com department of Giacomo Catalani Editore in collaboration with ATS Institute, whose mission is to spread the scientific value of sport, collaborating and supporting the best specialists in the world. To create a successful career in the sports and health industry, you need to understand the market, identify reliable sources in technical-scientific and professional, avoid losses. Our field studies, in the field of sport and health (prevention and recovery) outline a very competitive, dynamic and populated by many operators who offer part-time services with a particularly superficial preparation. Hence, Sport Science is the result of an in-depth market analysis, in the midst of a digital revolution. The best professionals of the major international sports leagues access the professional training of sportscience.com for the completeness and reliability of the scientific content, presented with the experience of the best teachers and researchers. Qualifying and updating with Sport Science specializations means taking a determined step towards professional growth and embarking on a path that reaches an unexpected and extraordinary climax in the lives of all those who choose to access it.

The studies that we have conducted over the years, the direct experience of training with over 80,000 professionals internationally and the close collaboration with ATS Institute, as a body of production of the content we deliver, allows us to present the most innovative educational platform in the world. Our uncompromising mission is to create a decisive impact in people’s lives, from élite athletes for overcoming the limits, to athletes for the achievement of the best health. The common link for the realization of this project is the dissemination of a style, information and skills, which allow those like us, who choose health and sport as the principle of life.

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