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Our culture is based on the concept of research

The revolutionary discoveries that we have carried out in over 15 years of activity on an international level, have allowed us to determine an innovative didactic model, a code, a production model and a level of proficiency, unique in their kind and not replicable. A reference point for those who love to experiment and comprehend, overcoming the conventions, like we are certain that every researcher should do. Breaking down the limits of preconceptions and also overcoming the threshold of consistency, that poorly suites who has the desire to reach the highest level of knowledge. The answers that we found, have overcome every expectation, offering us an extraordinary overall view on human nature, a view oriented towards overcoming limits and fueled by passion, curiosity and determination. Our invitation is addressed to scientists, professionals, academics and researchers, who desire to comprehend better and more.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability

The Origins, the History, the Culture

Aware that we had to go against the trend, the path that has led us to the realization of this great project, has been long, challenging and equally passionate, because it was deeply aligned with our values. Starting from never – before – seen points of view and always categorically from a scientific investigation. The role of the science of the sport and of the health, has an indescribable impact on the the life of every person and on the career of every athlete and professional. Joining Sport Science means to embrace the highest level of knowledge and to share an improvement – imprinted lifestyle.

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Mission, Values and Lifestyle

Publishing, both digital and analogical, is the way through which we pass on knowledge. As a publishing house and a technological center of multimedia production, Sport Science together with Giacomo Catalani Editore, transfer informations and competences, creating sophisticated and intelligent tools, in order to accompany the professionals in the discovery phase and in the professional growth.

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