Interactive 3D Human Anatomy

Innovative, Technological and Engageing

Study Anatomy with Interactive Virtual Support

When we have to analyze an anatomic district, a specific movement, a microscopic particular of the human body, we do it utilizing the 3D Human Anatomy anatomic platform, that is integrated in the Sport Science platform.

Always at your Disposal

Always at your Disposal

You Decide When and Where

The full version is included in the Sport Science Membership and always available in your library. Log in now and discover the amazing interactivity that will allow you to improve understanding and maximize the memorization of anatomy. From Mobile, Tablet and PC.

The new era of Education

The new era of Education

A better way to comprehend the Human Body

Interactive Study
The interactive 3D mode has been developed to increase the comprehension and speed in the learning of anatomy, motion, pathologies and therapies.

Highly – Customizable Visualizations
Create customized visualizations, explore and go deep

An extraordinarily innovative and entertaining experience
Utilized by thousands of professionals of health and Sport

Complete Masculine and Feminine Anatomy

The most complete and scientifically accurate interactive 3D Body ever assembled. In High Resolution.

A total immersive experience. Sharp, bright and brilliant images at every angle. An innovative and almost magical way to interact with the Human Anatomy in order to make it unforgettable and always at hand.

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