Frequent Questions

What is Sport Science™?

Sport Science™ is the most innovative institute of advanced professional training in the field of Health and Sport, for the attainment of the recognized technical qualifications and the scientific update. Through the technological platform SportScience.com and the APP Sport Science, it presents the highest level of training and scientific update available, with an endless catalog of video courses, technical sessions and talks with leading specialists internationally. You can train, earning Certifications, Diplomas and Masters. You will have at your disposal your Personal Library, in which you will always find in order your contents, your preferences, the study and updating material. Qualified professionals can also apply to access the International Sport Science Register, the most authoritative reference in the world in the field of Sport Science.

I would like more information about Sport Science™

Sport Science™ is the world’s largest and most authoritative Institute of Professional Training in the field of sport and health science. The most complete and accurate proposal of Courses, Paths and Masters, for the achievement of professional qualifications.

1. Courses, Paths and Masters are available at sportscience.com
2. Access to all study plans, Webinars, Technical Sessions, scientific updates, Round Tables, Congresses and Online Summits, takes place through the Sport Science Streaming Platform, an innovative project that has revolutionized the entire industry, for immediate access to content, meeting and professional interaction.
3. The International Sport Science Register is the area dedicated to the visibility and recognition of professionals and it also allows you to connect specialists with customers, institutions, universities and sports clubs.

ATS, First Institute of Professional Training in Science, is the body that produces and publishes all the contents provided by Sport Science, validating and recognizing the qualifications and refresher modules achieved by professionals.

How does the Sport Science™ APP work?

The innovative Sport Science™ APP can be downloaded from the Apple Store for IOS and Google Play for Android, and provides access to the Courses, Courses and Masters, for which registration has been made, which will always remain available in the Personal Library. In addition, through the Premium Membership, it offers access to all the updating activities of the channels and of the categories. It can be used in audio/video mode and only audio mode. The entire Sport Science ecosystem is totally independent, and was born with the desire to offer a protected environment within which productively invest one’s time. Many of our customers decide to listen to podcasts and technical interventions while driving or while training. The Sport Science APP’s technology enables the acceleration of the learning and consultation processes. Including the full access to the Human Anatomy 3D virtual platform with over 1000+ anatomical models to explore and study.

What is included with the Premium Membership?

Once you have created your Personal Account, you will be able to access thousands of technical sessions and video courses on the platform. From PC, Notebook, Smartphone or Tablet, follow each lesson in audio/video mode or audio only mode. From site or App Downloadable from Apple Store or Google Play. You will also have full access to the 3D Human Anatomy virtual platform. At any time you can contact the reserved assistance.

  • 1500+ hours in programming.
  • Webinars always available in Live Streaming and delayed.
  • Endless content, new Talks and continuous Technical Sessions.
  • 100+ Teachers, Researchers and Professionals.
  • 32+ Categories available.
  • Full access to the Human Anatomy 3D Platform.
  • Online Exams for the achievement of Qualifications.
  • Technical Support always available.
  • Full access to the Sport Science APP for IOS and Android.
  • Access to International Technical Sessions.
  • The most important thing is reliable information, with the Premium Membership access to thousands of hours of professional training, presented by the best teachers, professionals and researchers.
How can I cancel my Premium Membership at Sport Science™?

No long term commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time with a simple click, without any penalty. If you like it stay, otherwise friends like before.

Are Courses, Paths and Masters entirely online?

Sport Science presents numerous training modules, all of which include a video – lesson based study and in some cases there are events in presence organized in the offices of many Italian cities. The advanced level of video training achieved by Sport Science, allows to deepen the contents as was never before possible, the interactive acquisition of skills is particularly useful and very fast.

Wherever You Want, Whenever You Want, Wow Much You Want. H24 without any limitation, instead of wasting precious time, many invest it and grow professionally in the largest community in the world for Sport Science. Access the platform, sign up and download the innovative APP now, a jewel of revolutionary technology and discover how much power it can offer.

For more information on the provision of a Course, a Path or a Master you can visit sportscience.com or contact the support service at the Toll – Free 800.17.30.25

How are the Sport Science™ exams taken?

Sportscience.com presents a particularly advanced exam platform, through a closed-question evaluation method and a predetermined chronometer, professionals can access the session through their Personal Account and take the test in a few minutes. If the exam is not passed, it will be possible to take it again and without additional costs, after a certain waiting time, different depending on the type and level of training.

Where can I find the content I have purchased and access to my Courses, Courses and Masters?

The Personal Library is the private environment in which are always ordered one’s informations, history, possible public bibliography, that can be made visible on the International Register, access to selected content and preferences. The Personal Library is a reserved environment, always up to date and full of news that over time will allow you to grasp all the potential and exclusive benefits of Sportscience.com

How does the International Sport Science Register work?

The largest and most authoritative International Register dedicated to Sport Science. Kinesiologists, PhDs, Sport Scientist, Physical Trainers, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sport Psychologists, Sports Doctors and all the profiles operating in the professional field of sports sciences, may submit their application to access the Register and gain visibility together with a direct channel of communication with customers, sports clubs, sports product companies, institutions and universities. The professional profile dedicated to professionals, allows you to create a direct link with the publications created in order to increase the potential for indexing, visibility and dissemination potential. Once you submit your application, it is evaluated and approved by the Sport Science Technical Team and made visible and accessible to users in order to send a direct message that will be addressed to the professional email connected. Registration to the Register provides reserved advantages.

Will my Sport Science™ qualifications be included in my profile on the International Register?

Yes. Once you have obtained the title, the profile can be updated and made visible also according to the search criteria.

Could I publish an article on Sport Science™?

Qualified professionals with Sport Science and with active Premium Membership can submit a publication request on Sportscience.com

Titles and abstracts are evaluated by the Technical Team in order to obtain eligibility. This is an important opportunity that allows you to increase your visibility and connect with the market as well as open new professional scenarios for the production of Webinars and technical sessions on Sport Science™.

What does it mean that Sport Science operates internationally?

It means that it presents content in Italian and other languages, with the participation of many professionals resident in various parts of the world. Activating Premium Membership gives you the possibility to access to international content.