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An intense, competitive and without scaling limits path

ATS is the First Professional Training Institute in Scientific Field, whose interventions are required in the international academic and private sphere. The scientific technical work carried out in 15 years of activity is presented through the manual series, a vast network of online sites and the largest streaming channel available in the industry worldwide. ATS Institute has qualified over 80,000 health and sports professionals. All educational proposals offered through Sport Science are elaborated and edited by ATS Institute.

Infinite Exploration

Learn, Grow and Share

The ATS Master Trainers are Teachers, Researchers and Professionals from all over the world, selected and qualified to teach in ATS and represent its values. The path of access to the qualification of Master Trainer ATS, provides for the achievement of Certifications, Diplomas and Master ATS, along with additional levels of special training.

An Ecosystem of Knowledge

Over 80.000 Professionals Qualified with ATS

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Professional Training and Updating

The highest standards of reference for the entire industry

ATS Institute has been collaborating for over 15 years with the most authoritative professionals, teachers and researchers internationally. It has presented Congresses, Seminars, Technical training events in Italy, France, the United States and China. It is the only Institute in the world to present books, lecture notes and video courses, for each educational format valid for the achievement of qualifications. All ATS Master Trainers are people selected for maximum competence in their professional area, equipped with communication skills and qualified for teaching.

Experiences and Skills

Experiences and Skills

Only with Sport Science™

All ATS Master Trainers are positioned at the top in their areas of professionalism. The selection for career paths in ATS and Sport Science has to be submitted to the Recruitment Department.

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